About Ayres Bakery

I learnt from an early age that if the product was excellent, the service friendly and the bakery kept innovating and keeping things up to date, but not forgetting its past, that it would be successful. This was an ethos laid down by my Father along with idea of continually investing in the business and in the people who work in it with us.

95% of the bakers and shop staff who work at Ayres are local. Your money that you kindly spend with us is fed back into the local community through the wages these bakers and shop staff take home, in the local taxes we pay as a business, in the local suppliers we use and the local services we engage. We are in every sense of the word a local community business. This is something we are very proud of and feel it is proper that we give back into the community that has enable our success. We do this in a variety of ways, mostly through local schools and churches being given goods and vouchers to raffle or more directly in helping out with food supplies for a local school which does important outreach work to local vulnerable families in need.

Anyway thats enough about how fab we are, the real stars of the show are our lovely customers, many of whom we have known for decades and quite often get to know the families over generations. We believe in chatting to customers when they want to and not rushing them, customers will never be hard sold a product in our shop and it will always be at their convenience which is one of the reasons why we are open at 6am in the morning. Over the years we have come to know many of our customers as friends and more than a couple of our shop girls have ended up marrying a customer, probably a bit too friendly there.

Trends in food come and go, and when you consider our trade is as old as tax collecting and that other very very old trade there are very few really new things in bakery, but that doesn’t stop us looking. We travel to bakery exhibitions all over Europe and when we go further afield on holidays as a family the local bakeries are always very well investigated (sorry kids).

The age of social media has bought all those wonderful bakeries and food shops to our doorstep now and I tend to organise holidays around places or products I would like to visit or products that might have a place in the shop counter, looking at you Venice Beach CA (maybe next year)

I have been working in the bakery for about 35 years now and yes sometimes it gets frustrating and sometime infuriating but I still feel enthused by it and get thrilled as a little kid on his birthday when we make something that I think is outstanding. So on we go.


It would be remiss of me not to mention my wife Frances again, without her I think I would have given up in the tough times, and boy some times were really tough, she kept me and the bakery going. And my children Bea and Fred who very often had to put up with a tired grumpy old sod for a Dad. As I say, it really is a family business.

Family bakers since 1955

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